Daniel W. Alim

Daniel W. Alim is the president of the foundation. Daniel is an entrepreneur in the fields of IT and telecommunications services. He has a passion for helping children to know God. YKAA is his means of reaching out to the children who lack the affection of parents. By working with many volunteers and sponsors, he hopes to help children reach their full potential and improve their lives.

Novita Hutabarat
Executive Director & Head of Administration Pillar

Novita Hutavarat is the Executive Director and Head of Administration at YKAA. Novi is an experienced and dedicated educator with a deep love for children. Her life goal is to serve God in the field of education. She has been actively involved in providing guidance and counselling for children since she was in high school. She is also an active volunteer in mentoring disadvantaged children, helping establish schools in rural Kalimantan. She is the main force behind YKAA’s success in various training programs and in its day to day operations.

Helena Suryawani
Treasurer & Head of Good Corporate Governance Pillar

Helena Suryawani is the Treasurer and Head of Good Corporate Governance Pillar. Helena has worked in banking and finance for over 27 years. Her expertise is in developing business strategies to grow companies and creating a metric system to measure success. Helena has been active in social work since her school days and continues to be involved in social work at YKAA and in church. Helena wants to contribute to the education of children so that they can have a brighter future and benefit society.

Isabella Sjaaf Tanoto
Head of Education Pillar

Isabella Sjaaf Tanoto is the Head of Education Pillar. Isabella was looking for ways to serve God for a long time since her retirement from PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk as the Director of Media. She found the opportunity to realize her dream through her participation in YKAA. She helped to build a strong team that could fulfil the vision of helping orphans become healthier and more independent children.

Grace Barki
Head of Sponsorship Pillar

Grace Barki is the Head of Sponsorship Pillar. Grace has had 33 years of experience working with a multi-natoinal bank. Throughout her career, Grace has been exposed to various industries and owners, and expanded the network of her business to various professional areas. She wants to leverage her knowledge and network to help and provide opportunities for children in need to be able to pursue their careers, education or vocational skills, so that they can be independent and contribute to society in their own unique way.


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